Welcome to Willow Grove Primary School

I would like to warmly welcome you and your student to our school.

Willow Grove Primary School is nestled in the foothills of the Baw Baw Ranges and overlooks the very picturesque Blue Rock Dam. We are very privileged to live and work in this beautiful part of Gippsland.

Our school has 84 students. Our school provides high quality education to the local community. We are proud of the support that our school receives from this family orientated and community focused area. We welcome and encourage the support and partnership of parents. The recognition that we each have a unique role to play in guiding our children will ensure that Willow Grove Primary School continues to provide a safe and supportive environment where learning, play and fun is celebrated and where dreams are possibilities.

Whilst providing a high quality education we also aim to connect our students into their local community. Our children’s future well-being is hinged on developing positive relationships that nurture us and provide us with a strong sense of belonging and being connected. We love that our school has 85 children; it allows us all to share the learning journey with friends we know.

At Willow Grove Primary School we are committed to a philosophy that encourages care, compassion and team work. We are dedicated to each child developing independence, confidence, self-respect, and a passion for discovery, learning, laughter and play.

The breadth and diversity of our curriculum and the range of other innovative and challenging opportunities enable students to develop a positive attitude towards learning and a feeling of self- worth. Students are encouraged to view themselves as being competent and responsible. It is their happiness, development and acceptance of themselves as people of worth, together with the acquisition of understanding and skills that will assist them to take part in their wider community and our global society.

We see ourselves as a community of learners; eager to improve and to do the best we can for ourselves and for others. Our Values underpin all that we do. These Values provide an environment where our children can be expressive, creative and engaged.

We welcome parents and carers to join us as we venture confidently and with pride into the future.


Brendan Dawson (Principal)